1971 Alfa Romeo GTAM FIA


1971 Alfa Romeo GTAM FIA Legends are pleased to represent the following GTAM options, engineered by an Italian team of respected engineers with a wealth of technical Alfa Romeo competition experience.

Built to period FIA G2 Class CT 19 specification. Fastidious attention to detail and performance development enable these cars to compete at the front of the popular Italian Alfa Revival Cup as well as other national and international events. http://www.alfarevivalcup.it


The team can also provide full track support for a foreign customer should they chose to participate in the Italian Alfa Revival Cup, a special series visiting Monza, Mugelo, Imola, Misano, Vallelunga (Rome), etc. Offering superb value and a great alternative to splashing around in the UK.

The GTAM’s are built to order and can be made to meet any customer specific requirements. A fix priced menu is listed below and customers are encouraged to visit the shop and view existing customer cars, a test drive can be arranged. At this time, finished build times are circa 3 months. Specification options:
Alfa Romeo GTAM FIA 2.0 Carburettors testa larga (standard head)       95,000 GBP
Alfa Romeo GTAM FIA 2.0 Injection testa larga (standard head)            110,000 GBP
Alfa Romeo GTAM FIA 2.0 Carburettor testa stretta (narrow head)        120,000 GBP
Alfa Romeo GTAM FIA 2.0 Injection testa stretta (narrow head)             130,000 GBP

https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=YpNj8ZEAQ2U For further information please contact.