1946 BMW F2 SOLD


1946 BMW Formula 2

Shortly after the war and in preparation for the 1947 season, the motor racing governing body issued a set of regulations for the new Formula 2 class stipulating a max engine size of 2000c, without the aid of a compressor. In contrast to other cars of the immediate post-era which utilised Ford V8 cars as donors, the majority of European built race cars used the pre-war BMW engines and gearboxes, mainly owing to their many victories before the war.
This is also the case with this BMW Special Racer Formula 2, which was built in 1946/47 and based on a BMW 326 and 327.
The car has one off tubular  chassis with a BMW 326/7 front axle with rack and pinion steering. The rear axle originates from a BMW 327 with a 326 diff and a leaf sprung rear axle. The car has adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers.
The gearbox is a Hurth as used in the 326/7 cars.
The engine is based on a pre-war 2 liter block found in the BMW 321 / 326 / 327 models. The carburation is through 3 single 32 mm Webers. Generally the BMW based cars were equipped with Solex carbs but the Webers set up was also used extensively.
The chassis does not have a chassis number, which is quite normal for race cars of this era.

This very pretty post war F2 car stands today in pristine order and holds current FIA papers. Ready to be enjoyed in many historic racing events including hill climbs such as Arosa etc.

Engine: 6 cylinder top valve pushrod engine.
Bore / Stroke: 66/96mm
1971 cc
Sports Camshaft
Carbs: 3 X 32 Webers
Sump 4.5 litres
Power: 90 BHP

Hurth 4 Speed

Front Axle:
Independent front suspension with cross mounted coil springs.

Rear Axle:
Shortened live rear axle from BMW 326
Hydraulic shock absorbers.

Rack and pinion.

Diagonal 16”